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911: Dust and Deceit

image 2SUZANNE MATTEI, NYC Executive for Sierra Club, authored report "911 Pollution and Deception at Ground Zero"

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JENNA ORKIN, of the World Trade Center Environmental Organization -- WTCEO

image 2US Congressman Jerrold Nadler, New York's Eighth Congressional District Immediately following September 11, 2001, Congressman Nadler launched an investigation into EPA’s wrongdoing, and documented EPA’s legal responsibilities in a White Paper issued in April 2002.  That white paper served as the initial basis for the lawsuit.

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HUGH KAUFMAN, senior engineer and former chief investigator for the EPA. Kaufman, who has been with the EPA since its inception in 1971, was the chief investigator for the EPA Ombudsman's office until he was removed after issuing critical reports. read more . .

image 2WILLIAM RODRIGUEZ - the janitor in the World Trade Center who had the master key to the stairwells and went back into the building to rescue numerous people. He was the last person to be pulled out from the rubble of the North Tower alive. He coughed blood and soot from the dust. Today, he must monitor his health. more

image 2GAIL BAZEMAN, Lower Manhattan worker who suffers from chemical asthma from inhaling dust from 9/11. She can barely talk, has good days and bad days. She still works just a few blocks from Ground Zero.

image 2JEFFREY SMITH had a business near Ground Zero. The paintings on his wall were destroyed by whatever was in the air. He has a litany of ailments, all of which began after 911.

image 2DR. MAJID ALI , Professor of Medicine of  Capital University of Integrative Medicine and author of September 11, 2005 He works with immune problems, toxicity, and treats patients who have been affected by 911.