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at the WTC - a f ilm by Penny Little


10 year Anniversary, WTC 9-11 Artistic Collaboration

This September 11th 2011 launches the WTC 9-11 Ten Year Anniversary touring showcase with a collaboration of works by Artists and Film makers dedicated to creating one voice that shows we can choose to leave the fear that 9-11 has created behind us and be empowered to take steps towards solutions for knowing the truth of what really happened to : A) cause WTC 9-11 (www.AE911truth.org) and B) the truth of what is causing hundreds of thousands to remain in debilitating ill health. (use: http://bit.ly/qf9qb5 for the archives of www.wtcexams.org currently under a relaunch.)

This touring showcase is on behalf of those who (as volunteers, rescue workers, local business people, residents and student) were directly exposed to the toxic dust in the weeks and months after WTC 9-11 and who are now, even ten years later, still chronically ill and surviving chronic debilitating symptoms with an array of prescription based treatments that fail in treating the root cause of the WTC Syndrome.

Globally we are all connected by the shocking events of that day and our world is now forever altered. By raising awareness that there is power in calm assertive unity, and in helping those still in need of medical care, we can empower ourselves to restore hope by taking positive action.

For more information on how you can get involved download the Sponsorship Proposal here.



The films "9/11 Dust and Deceit" and "Explosive Evidence will be shown in several venues. Updates coming shortly.

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