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at the WTC -- a film by Penny Little  
911: Dust and Deceit

“911: Dust and Deceit at the WTC”, the disturbing new film by Penny Little, tells the story of the environmental disaster of 911 through the voices of scientists, waste management specialists, government officials, workers, volunteers, heroes, and the victims of the toxic dust of 911.

EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman announced to New Yorkers, shortly after the 911 attacks on the World Trade Towers, that their “air was safe to breathe”. As a direct result, thousands of people are ill and some have died . One victim of the toxic dust calls it“an ongoing chemical attack on New Yorkers.”

According to the film, the response to 911 aftermath may be the model for future responses to national disasters and terrorist attacks . The heros, volunteers, first responders, and thousands of just plain folks were caught in circumstances beyond their control, while were those who had the power to control the outcome of those circumstances, chose to disregard public safety.

The handheld footage by Lenny Charles of INN World Report clearly shows the dust at Ground Zero on September 11, giving an eerie sense of the reality of the day . An excerpt from composer Nik Green's "Requiescant en Pace " from "Music for a New American Century" is featured, in addition to music he composed specifically for the film.

Interviews include: EPA whistleblower Cate Jenkins, Congresswoman Carolyn Malone, SEC employee Robert Gulack, volunteer Rachel Hughes, Congressman Jarrold Nadler, environmental scientist Marjorie Clarke, Chief Investigator for the EPA Ombudsman Project, Hugh Kaufman, New York Environmental Law and Justice Project Joel Kupferman, Sierra Club NY Executive Suzanne Mattei, World Trade Center Environmental Organization Jenna Orkin, and more.

Quote from the Filmmaker Penny Little: “I still cry and get mad every time I watch this all the way through– especially when I get to the end credits and Ground Zero volunteer Rachel Hughes says ‘I don’t think any of this is going to change…until the truth is told.’ People are dying, and not getting the help they need. A great many of those who are most affected are the least able to help themselves out of their situation. It is my hope that this film will help those people.”

DVD: Extras on the DVD include Rachel Hughes’ story, William Rodriguez’ story, the trailer, and a musical excerpt from “Music for a New American Century” by Nik Green who composed music for the film

About the Filmmaker: Penny Little is a documentary filmmaker and Coordinating Director of People to People TV, a grassroots media alliance based in Santa Barbara, California. People to People TV has covered numerous events, regional and national, producing more than 60 half-hour documentary shows, DVDs, commercials, and films.

Penny recently completed "Electile Dysfunction," a 58 minute documentary exploring the story of the November 2004 Presidential election. A short preview cut of her most current project "911, Dust and Deceit at the WTC", toured 7 major cities in Europe in 2005. Other film projects include working as a producer/editor for the film Waging Peace with Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker Barbara Trent.

As an organizer and activist Penny has co-produced many events including the Boston Media Summit Net 04 which brought together 75 representatives from independent media including Freespeech TV, Democracy Now, Indy Media, independent filmmakers and journalists.

Penny is a sound engineer in her own right, having produced and recorded numerous sound tracks for film, documentaries, television, commercials, PSA's. Signed to Warner Brothers UK in 1987, Penny is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. She has produced rap and rock as part of Gang Prevention Through the Arts in Ventura County.