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at the WTC -- a film by Penny Little  

Notes from Director

911: Dust and Deceit at the WTC has nothing to do with any speculative theories about 911, My movie focuses solely on the problems caused by the misrepresentations of various individuals within agencies in New York and Washington, who covered up the fact that the dust was toxic. There was little consideration for the collateral damage caused by the ongoing chemical attack on the people of New York in the form of this toxic dust. The citizens of New York were lied to and now thousands are sick, and a number have died as a direct result.This is a crime.

I spent a month with Rachel Hughes, a Ground Zero volunteer, one of the victims of the dust, and we have become good friends. I traveled with William Rodriguez, who was the last survivor to be pulled from the rubble of the North Trade Tower. I made several trips to New York, and returned when I heard that there had been casualties directly attributable to the dust.

I still cry and get mad every time I watch this all the way through– especially when I get to the end credits and Ground Zero volunteer Rachel Hughes says ‘I don’t think any of this is going to change…until the truth is told.’ People are dying, and not getting the help they need. A great many of those who are most affected are the least able to help themselves out of their situation.  It is my hope that this film will help those people.

I wanted to provide an overview of the problem, so the issues become very apparent and clear. This is not a partisan issue, it not just about New Yorkers ; this isa national disaster,

There needs to be a concerted effort to expose what this administration is doing to our country and to the world. 911 was a "master key" which allowed elements within our government to spy on citizens, wage pre-emptive wars, dismember the Constitution, disregard US and international law, amongst a litany of other abuses and misuses of power. The appalling response to 911, and then Katrina, show the callousness of this administration's agenda. And what will be the future response to another attack?


What was in the Dust?